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Survived The Weekend

What did I do for Thanksgiving? (No one asked me but I'll tell you anyway, bwhaha). I went on a three day road trip. That's right. Three days of driving with my brothers and parents. We hit ten states in three days, ROFL.

Lost a pillow, went low on gas three times (never actually ended up on the side of the highway, but it was close), got an old rock song stuck in my head, woke up to find my parents listening to the Backstreet Boys, and I listened to two hours of the Secret Garden audio book...I'm slightly shamed to say it is one of my fave books, lol.

I made it halfway through the new Sophie Kinsella book...yes, I read chick-lit, *headesk*. I did not even bring Crocodile Tears with me, it was too pretty and would have gotten abused. I brought my comp but only typed around 400 words and 300 of that was an e-mail to a friend.

Now I'm back, and so hyper. I have not had coffee in three days, I had to make it up to myself. I love you hazelnut coffee creamer! I LOVE YOU!


So, I somehow managed to get ahead of everyone else with NaNoWriMo, don't be too alarmed, the story still stinks worse than rotten eggs, there's just a lot more of it now, lol.

Good thing to, I'm leaving for Arkansas real soon and will be gone until Monday, when the competition ends, O_O So I must bring my laptop. Me and my comp are going places, seeing things, smelling the sulfur water! (Arkansas water stinks). Hopefully it doesn't heat up, grr.

I completed ABH, the last chapter is on ff.net and a sequel just might be possible...hmm. Maybe I'll write that when I'm not writing the P&S christmas fic, the firm's prompt fic, the weekend updates, and writing FH....hahahahaa!

*Brooding silence*

I can't remember if I mentioned it, but my brothers found this kitten outside the church and it was a Wednesday and they were going to their boy scout meeting while I went to the 'young ladies group'. Anyway, the scout master, who is our neighbor, drives us there and another boy scout who lives a few blocks away. We get in the car to go home, and my brothers and their boy scout friend are 'giggling' in the backseat.
I turnm and look...and their friend has a kitten in his hands.

I burst into laughter, because that's what you do in this situation. The scout master gives ME an odd look, and starts the car.

He'd older, and hard of hearing, so as the boys try to cover up the kitten's meows by singing the meow mix song (Which goes, 'meowmeowmeowmeowmeow', hehe), the scout master never notices and the kitten gets a free ride to our house where he stays for the next two weeks.

I named him Eli, but than an evil witch took him away and named him...Firby. *Wails*

The 'evil witch' was actually by mom's cousin, but details, details, ;)

I made a vid of the kitten who will forever be ELI not FIRBY. It's here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qfgb_0JDBM

Don't expect anything great, it was my first one.
That is all for now, :)

Or not, so, my mom comes into my room just now and says her fingers hurt and that she wants me to rub my dad's heels, the foot rub is commonplace before bed at my house, lol. So I roll my eyes, and what do I find hidden under the covers next to my dad's feet other than a book. Not just any book, but Crocodile Tears. My mom is so cool, ^_^ Odd way of giving it to me though, lol. :P

Nov. 15th, 2009

I'm so freak'in tired of writing. Why am a doing NaNo? Because mom said she'd kill me if I didn't...no, no, can't blame it on mom, sigh. The whole story needs to be re-written, my hands feel numb, my coffee is cold!

Okay. The bright side of things. The silver lining...what does that even mean?!

Got a plot...sort of. Got characters, even if they are disobedient. Got cute male characters...

Don't look that way, they are cute! Maybe too cute, maybe one of them needs a mole, or a hideous scar, or a third nipple...who's going to see their chest to know that though? This is like Medieval Ages, you can't rip your shirt off, this isn't a trashy dollar store book...or is it?

Can I just copy this and add it to my word count? *Evil laugh* No, can't do that. They have eyes everywhere, they'd know. I feel so random.


But I'm still typing. Because I can't stop, coffee is kicking in. SOMEONE HELP ME!!! NO ONE IS DOING NANO WITH ME! DO YOU FEEL MY PAIN??? IT HURRRRTTTSSSS!

I can't spell anymore. My spell check is broke, I have to copy what I've written, fix it in a different document and then put it back when the mistakes are fixed. How wrong is that?

I'll go chop some onions, then I can blubber and blame it on them. I have no need to chop onions...I'm not even hungry. Although I'm so empty on the inside, *wail*

I should have written a humor novel, or a drama. But nooo, fantasy was calling. Stupid fantasy. Need more coffee but the creamer is gone. I have to use the powdered stuff and Pumpkin Spice tastes weird with French Vanilly.

I need a hug.

NaNoWriMo is Pure Evil

Ugh! Bad character, why won't you bend to my will? Disgusting plot, :( stop changing! Eli, stop changing your name. Adie, you're a GIRL, a high official's daughter, you don't pluck chickens! Lauren, where the hell did you come from!! O_O And you have a girls name--*sob*

That is all.


Dr. Suess Challenge

I now introduce...the Alex Rider Dr. Suess Challenge. ^_^ Have fun with it!

Challenge Summary:
If you've got solid instincts for rhythm and rhyme,
MS office, a modem and plenty of time.
Here's a challenge that's easy! The rules are quite loose.
Simply tell us a story...just like Dr. Suess.

Hey, it's fanfic, the setting and players we've got,
Choose an angle and scare up a bunny for plot.

See, the sky is the limit! It's all up to you!
Could be angst or action and humor too!
But while challenges offer a framework or shell,
It's for you to decide just what story to tell.

I'll be adding the challenge to AnnePhoenix's AR website later. 


The older I get the more I de-age

The subject tells the truth, I was up at 2 A.M. reading responses for the Dr. Suess challenge on Potions and Snitches, then, because they were such fun to read, I had to try and write one for AR. One word. FAIL.

Through the muck and the mud, they ran with vigor,
To please the sergeant, who tried hard not to snicker.
For laughing was frowned upon in that grim camp,
Where Wolf, Fox and Alex found themselves at.

For days it rained harshly down on their heads,
Water leaked through the roof, soaking into their beds.
They camped under cloudy skies, in temperatures so cold,
That icicles formed under Snake's very nose.

'I could be home now,' Alex thought with regret,
If only he hadn't bent under that threat.
For while losing Ian hadn't broken him yet,
He wasn't indestructible or at all permanent.

This was proven true when Wolf pushed too far,
Just to later find himself ran over, by Alex's car.

It was going to be Stormbreaker, but as you can see, I finally just gave up and killed Wolf...we all wanted to kill him while reading the book anyway, admit it! (Or you liked torturing Alex, ^_^  *cough*). 
So, I'm no Poe...not even a Shel Silverstein, lol. But I'm sure great stories could come from an AR version of the Dr. Suess challenge. Better go ask permission from the creator first, *wanders off*. 

Okay, she says I can  make a AR version of the Dr. Suess challenge if I want to, ^_^ Ain't that sweet? Thanks Graciella! Anyhow, that's all I wanted to say....ta. 


The plot bunnies will be the death of me. It's not even spring and yet here they are, multiplying.

Yellowstone was great, the amount of animals, wildflowers, how the terrain went from dessert, to rolling hills to snowy mountain tops...wonderful. I felt like I was in Ireland, (all because of National Geographic and their pictures). There was this one spot with tons of chipmunks, and the chipmunks ate out of my hand. They're like, trained, lol.

Then, just a few days ago we went to the beach down on the Alabama/Florida coast, (we kept crossing state borders anytime we went somewhere, one minute you're in Alabama, next you are in Florida). We went deep sea fishing where I did not get sea sick, unlike last time when I spent most the trip hanging over the edge of the boat, (it was storming and the boat was small at the time). I did manage to fall asleep in the cabin at one time and spill soft drink all over me, impressive eh? 
Sadly, Snapper season was over, so no snapper for us, *cries*. We did get some other good fish though. The guy fishing next to me, (we didn't do private fishing but went with a group) caught three fish and one time, then two fish at the same time twice. O_O

Showoff. ^_^

Now I have homework, ugh, so this was rather small, but I finally managed to post something here on lj, so even if it is small, It's better than nothing.

Bring the ducktape I'm feeling chatty, ^_^

I'm leaving on Friday, not sure whether to be excited or dread it. Yellowstone is far away from Georgia, and trips involve parents arguing over the map, my youngest brother saying he hast to go to the bathroom and me possibly getting carsick--the other brother will sleep most of the way with his mouth open and snroring, and that will lead to me or Zak (youngest bro) putting various food products in his mouth.  ^_^ Luckily, we won't be in the car a whole lot.

Went out and got some new clothes, so I can look good for the man-eating bears and bison. I don't get a lot of clothes so I'm itching to try the clothes on just to strut around the house, lol.

I posted a chapter of FH, I'm hoping to have it complete in a chapter or two, and my Spy Fest story is almost done--my ending changed suddenly to involve Yassen-the-assasin, I'm so glad it did, I loooovvve him!

Talking about love, I saw an episode of Supernatural on youtube, then it led me to see this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgd30bjQmes  Which led to 'hehe, I want one!'. Sadly, you can't buy him, or so people say but I will find a way. JUSMINE! You see that, *points at link* I'd forgotten how funny they were, then you talking about them a few months back made me think--I miss fighting demons, so now I need to find and watch everything I've missed, :(

Another thing I love as of late is Kristin Chenowith, GO CHENO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1F3Ce4q1ME 
She was Glinda in Wicked the musical, played the blond gil in love with the pie-maker in Pushing Dasies and will do the voice of Disney's Rapunzel, with Ross from friends being the voice of her dad. Her voice is so fun to listen to, and she seems so funny, check out her singing Popular and Taylor the Latte Boy, lol.

Thursday I have to take Emma to my friends house, she's sitting beside me now. I'm going to miss her, :( She's so sweet, and fuzzy, and--well, I'm sure you have a favorite pet, ^_^  I made three bookmarks for said friends and their mum, they like to read. The bookmarks have dried flowers on them with clear contact paper over them to protect, and a ribbon threaded through a hole I punched in the top. They're pretty as the colors of the flowers have stayed even after being dried...now I just have to remember what books I put the flowers in so they could dry....

I'm off, Mum just spent the last hour looking for places to eat in Yellowstone using Google earth, it looks like between Cody, Wyoming and some other place, we're going to starve. There's this huge gap where nothing exsists.

So, while writing for a one-shot for The Firms Monthly Prompt and the Spy Fest story, I managed to start five more stories...yeah, I'm bloody brilliant, (bangs head into walls). Four are HP stories since I've been mean to Harry lately (and I still am mean, most the stories begin with him being tortured or in one, he's slapped by Remus--then Ginny with leave him for some other guy...I'm hyper, forgive me). One is an AR story, just because I suddenly remembered Yassen and wanted to write him. Sadly, it's only a few words long while my newest and fave HP plot bunny is (goes to check) 6,849 words, XD

I just had to write something here, I've been mean to you livejournal, sorry. I'll come back soon.

Come What May: Chapter One

The sound of hurried footsteps echoed in the corridor. Torches on the otherwise bare walls illuminated the darkness.

A slim, teenaged boy with raven-colored hair over his forehead rushed through.

Had there been any onlookers, they would have seen that his posture was stiff and his hands clenched. But nobody was looking. In fact, anyone having cause to think of him at that moment would assume that he was safe in his bed.

At the end of the corridor, he suddenly turned, at first looking around, then standing very still, listening. But whatever he was expecting wasn't there, so he continued on. After walking a few feet further, he turned again, his emerald eyes flashing with anger and a just touch of unease.

After a third length of the corridor in this manner, a door suddenly materialised on his right. Backtracking, he wrenched the door open, and without looking to see if anybody else had witnessed it, he walked through. The room he entered was similar in appearance to the Gryffindor common room, except that it had only one chair and a side table near the large fireplace.

He knew that this room could provide what he needed most, and right now, all Harry needed was to get away from everyone - and Snape in particular. The room he had entered, the Room of Requirement, was the ideal place to escape to.

Now, Harry remembered what had brought him here: Snape. He shook with rage at the very thought of the Potions Master as he paced back and forth. It was late and he was tired, but his emotions kept him standing.

What he had just seen confused him. It seemed that Snape had been submitted to just as much humiliation in his youth as he had.

Harry couldn’t begin to count the times when Dudley and his gang had mocked him for having no parents, or for his over-sized clothes - clothes which had originally belonged to Dudley.

And now it appeared that - just like Harry’s odious cousin - James Potter had really been as mean and arrogant as Snape had always claimed! After seeing the memory in Snape’s pensieve, Harry found his father’s actions hard to ignore.

He didn’t like what he had just seen.

His mind whirled. How could his mother marry someone that humiliated people just because his best friend said he was bored? And what had Sirius been doing? Why didn’t he stop James instead of encouraging him? At the very least, Remus should have said something! He was supposed to be the perfect prefect.

Everything he’d thought his father was seemed to crash around him, leaving Harry feeling very unsure of himself.

Sirius had said so many times that Harry was just like his father. But now...Harry wasn’t sure he wanted to be like him at all. After trying so hard to emulate his parents, after so much asking...begging people to tell him more about them, he found this!

He stopped pacing.

A cold chill ran down Harry’s skin, so he went to the fireplace and with one quick flick of his wand, he had himself a nice fire.

Satisfied with the warming blaze, Harry took a seat in the lonely chair, wishing he had some hot cocoa. No sooner had the thought occurred than a mug of cocoa appeared right beside him. It even had the little marshmallows that he loved and he spent the next few minutes enjoying its smooth, chocolate goodness,

A faint pounding started in his head and he set his cup down on the side table. Taking his glasses off, he rubbed at his eyes. Occlumency lessons with Snape had gone horribly. No, this was the worst ‘almost’ lesson Harry had ever had, for they hadn’t even begun the real lesson.

It is your fault, though, he admitted to himself. If only you hadn’t given in to your cursed curiosity!

He sometimes found it disturbing that his conscience sounded like Hermione. Then he realised that Hermione would be very upset when she found out his Occlumency lessons had come to such an abrupt end. Ron would understand, but Hermione…not so much. He could already hear her reprimanding him.

He would never hear the end of it.

Dumbledore would react even worse than Hermione. Harry could see him now, sitting in his high-backed chair, staring at Harry with deeply disappointed blue eyes.

He shifted in his seat. Maybe if Dumbledore had told him what he was planning - told him anything, for that matter - maybe he would have not felt the urgent need to look in the pensieve.

But how would you like it if somebody viewed your private thoughts? his conscience demanded.

Oh, honestly, this is Snape!

You think that he’s so far from human that he doesn’t have feelings?

Harry groaned, and suddenly felt uncomfortable. He was being put on the spot by his own conscience! He leaned back into the chair and ran a hand through his hair.

“God, I’m pathetic!”

The outburst sounded loud in the silent room, and the unexpected reply sounded even louder.

“I agree.”

Harry jumped out of the chair and spun around to where the voice had came from, upsetting the side table as he did so. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he held his wand over the intruder.

“I hope your face doesn’t get stuck like that or we’ll never get married,” the intruder said. Harry snapped his mouth shut, wondering for a second what the married comment was supposed to mean.

But really, there could be no doubt. Because standing right in front of Harry was a slim, tall replica of…himself.

At least, he looked like an older version of Harry. The only things different were his height, clothes, missing glasses and the way he held himself. The replica’s hair was brushed over his forehead to hide the lightning bolt scar.

His hands were thrust in his blue denim jacket, and his aged green eyes and tired face spoke volumes for whatever he’d been through .

“Who are you? What do you want?” Harry was sure this was a Death Eater trick.

The replica stepped forward and Harry raised his wand threateningly. “I’m you,” he replied, “and to answer your second question....I need you to lower your wand first.”

Harry snorted loudly, a grim smile coming over his features. “You think I’m stupid enough to do that?”

The man’s green eyes narrowed to slits. “You were stupid enough to look in the pensieve. Yes, I know about that, so pick your jaw up of the floor and listen to me, I--.”

But before he could say anything further, Harry had jumped forward and poked his wand into the man’s chest, right above his heart. “ No, you listen to me!” Harry growled, he heart pounding. “I want to know who you really are, why you’re here, and how you got here!”

If he gets nasty I can tie him in ropes and...

Quicker than anything Harry had ever seen, the man grabbed his arm and tossed him over his back. As he lay on the floor, the replica snatched up his wand, gathered the front of Harry’s robes in one fist and pulled the stumbling teen over towards the chair he had been sitting in so peacefully before.

Roughly, the man pushed him into the chair. Harry tried to get up and to his utter surprise, the man slapped him! He gasped, for the resolute force behind the slap made his face sting horribly.

The stranger was panting slightly as he lowered himself to Harry’s level, grabbed his chin, and stared straight at him. His eyes were deadly.

“You’re in no position to make demands,” he said. “You will listen willingly, or I’ll make you. Which one is it going to be?”

Harry didn’t say anything, but the man didn’t need an answer. He straightened up and rubbed his left arm with his right, making a pained face as he did so.

Harry was scared stiff. Who was he and what did he want? Was he a kidnapper? One of Voldemort’s minions? If Harry yelled, nobody would hear. The entire castle was asleep... This thought made his breath quicken.

The man shook his head in annoyance. He was looking at Harry as if he were a puzzle.

“What do you want me to tell you so you’ll believe me when I say that I’m you?”

The teenaged Harry stared at the man incredulously. One second he was slapping him and now he wanted to be friendly?

The dark-haired stranger sighed at his look. With a quick wave of Harry’s wand, a plain wooden chair appeared and he wearily sat down. Leaning back in the chair, he closed his eyes. Harry briefly thought of trying to get away.

“Move and suffer my wrath.”

So much for that idea, thought Harry. He sat absolutely still.

“Let’s see...something only I would know,” the man muttered to himself. He stood a few second later and pulled the chair closer to Harry.

“In second year, Hermione stole the ingredients to make the Polyjuice potion while me and Ron created a diversion. When you told Sirius that you wanted to live with him, it was mainly because of the Dursleys. You like Ginny, but don’t want to say anything because you think that Ron will disapprove.”

The man took a deep breath and then continued.

“You slept in a cupboard before the Hogwarts letter came, and sometimes you miss it. You wanted to be a train driver, then a pianist, then a magician when you were younger. You used to do everything you could think of to make Petunia love you before you gave up. You used to wish that Professor Snape would learn how to like you. Now you think yourself stupid for ever wishing that.”

Harry’s mouth had initially fallen open at the revelations, but the stranger’s final words made it snap shut.

“Is that enough for you?” The man - Harry - asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I...Why are you here?” demanded the younger Potter.

A short sigh. “We keep coming back to that don’t we? I have come to change our future.” Once again, Harry stared at his future self incredulously.

“What!” he shouted. “What’s so wrong with my future that you had to come back and change it?”

The older Potter ran a hand through his messy locks - just like Harry had a while ago. It seemed as if he was trying to work out what to say.

“Some terrible things are going to happen in your future,” said the elder Harry, finally. “I came back to try and stop them.”

“Terrible things? Like what?” Harry challenged. He was still having a hard time believing that this man was his an older version of himself.

The man stared at Harry so intently that the boy began to feel uncomfortable, then said, “I can’t - won’t tell you how they happen but...”

He took a deep breath. “...people you love die...your wife dies in your arms and you...turn bitter. You lose your friends because they’re either killed or just can’t stand to be around you anymore. Your children are murdered before your eyes…and when somebody comes and asks you for forgiveness, you throw him to the dogs.”

He wasn’t looking at Harry as he related his fate.

“I...woul....” began the boy, but was abruptly interrupted.

“Wouldn’t do that?” The black-haired man didn’t look sympathetic. “Oh, but you do. You turn your back on everybody you ever trusted and when they try to help...you tell them to leave and never come back - and they do leave. Ron dies trying to protect you and Hermione can’t stand the wizarding world anymore after that, so she leaves. There’s no Dumbledore to run to now...no, he’s been dead for years.”

Harry watched the man, hoping that he was bluffing, but his new ’acquaintance’ was caught up in memories so terrible that he didn’t even notice. There was a desperation in his eyes that reminded Harry of Sirius when they had first met in the Shrieking Shack, when as a fugitive he'd desperately tried to convince Harry of his innocence.

“Ginny…” he trailed off. “I never got to say goodbye.”

Harry mouthed ‘goodbye?’ then realization came and he saw the man swallow hard, and he watched dazedly as his body slowly slid down the wall, emotional agony written all over his face. Harry himself felt numb. Ginny was going to die? In his arms no less! How would Ron die? Who did he end up throwing to the dogs?

Harry sat down on the floor. He didn’t even remember standing up. Too much information in so little time.

If any of this happened... but no! Harry couldn’t risk it happening. It would surely kill him. He didn’t want to become bitter and angry at the world, didn’t want to turn into the desperate figure that was the man now sharing the room with him.

He took a deep, shaky breath. Looking towards the corner, he saw his future self staring into space with a blank unemotional face. He didn’t want that to be him one day. “What...should I do?”

Slowly the man turned to look at him and, after studying him for a moment, nodded to himself.

“This is going to sound really mad, but....I need you to trust Severus Snape.”

As Harry gaped he continued in a stern voice. “You have to learn Occlumency and Professor Snape is the best person to learn it from. I know he’s tough...” Harry snorted and the older Harry glared at him as he stressed the next word. “...but, he really is the best there is, besides Voldemort. So unless you want to be responsible for Sirius’s death and many others, I suggest you learn it.”

Harry was shocked but he still managed to choke out, “Sirius dies...because of me?”

The older Harry turned away without answering. “If you play this game right, you might still be able to live with him.”

Harry was thinking this over when he felt his future self watching him. Green eyes met green.

“Professor Snape’s not very happy with me at the moment,” Harry said carefully.

“I wonder why,” the man returned dryly.

“What do I do?”

“That’s for you to decide. Just remember to keep your temper and...Harry?”

Harry regarded his older self warily. “Yes?”

“Severus Snape is a magnificent spy, but he has to keep up a constant appearance that he hates you. So don’t hate him for that. He’s just doing his job. And don‘t forget, you haven’t exactly given him any reason to like you.”

Harry thought that over before nodding. The older man suddenly shimmered. A pale light rolled over his skin before disappearing and Harry stepped back in alarm. After quickly checking his dirty watch, the grim-faced man looked at Harry.

“I’ve got to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow. Same time, same place. Don’t forget to apologise to Snape. Beg if you must. Do whatever you have to, as long as you get him to teach you Occlumency.”

Before Harry could so much as reply to that, his older self disappeared. “Bye,” he said to the empty room.